31 Days of Prayer ~ in His Word 1-20-2024


31 Days of Prayer ~ In His Word 1-20-2024 

A while back I was afraid to pray in a group, or aloud. The reason was that I heard people pray with such power and such might that I didn’t think God would hear my little voice in the mix. So when it came to me in a circle of prayer I would pass. One day God helped me to realize that He didn’t care if it was a loud prayer or a quiet one as long as I realized that He was the one hearing and deciding how to answer. I would say the following scripture is a good description of how God does things.

It is not important who does the planting, or who does the watering. What is important is that God makes the seed grow. 1 Corinthians 3:7

Be Humble Even Jesus said not to  just pray with vain repetitions like the people who like to pray in front of everyone that they would see them praying. (As seen in Matthew 6:5) No, God wants to hear our heartfelt personal speaking to Him personally no matter who else hears or sees; its not about us, but about Him growing the seed, and getting the glory for the good things He has done!

Heavenly Father we lift up our hearts to You Lord that You may hear our needs and desires in them, heart to heart, we thank  you for your response, in Jesus’ name