Count it as for Jesus- Count Down day 3

 Count it as for Jesus~Count down day 2

This week it may seem like you have a lot of work on your list. Whether it is decorating the house indoor or out, buying and finding the perfect gift for your co workers or loved ones, or just getting the job done to prepare your house and home for the holiday celebrations; God wants you to know He is with you. He has it all in control, so stop working so hard!

If you are following along you know that I chose to do simple and sweet for my holiday planning and decorating this year. Part of the reason I chose this was I thought I had to do all the work, even if my family meant well they often have gotten so busy themselves in past years and it fell on me to decorate. Good thing I love doing this! To be completely honest I would rather have the help and get it done faster and more organized so that I can take time to just relax and enjoy it all. Why do we pile so much work on us? Because we chose it.  Yes, that is correct, we choose to pile it on thinking we have to! The people whom Jesus fed on the hill in John chapter 6 followed Jesus because they wanted to do the same thing. They wanted to do God’s work. The coolest statement is the release that Jesus gave them when he replied below.

They replied, “We want to perform God’s works, too. What should we do?”

Jesus told them, “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.”                                                                      

They answered, “Show us a miraculous sign if you want us to believe in you. What can you do?  After all, our ancestors ate manna while they journeyed through the wilderness! The Scriptures say, ‘Moses gave them bread from heaven to eat.”

 Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, Moses didn’t give you bread from heaven. My Father did. And now he offers you the true bread from heaven. The true bread of God is the one who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” John 6:28-33

Believe in the one He has sent. I could quote another one; only believe all things are possible when we believe. To do the work He has sent you here to do just believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Don’t go looking for a new sign, but know that as things pile up you can sort them out by what would Jesus do? Reduce the items in an orderly fashion and realize what is necessary and what has purpose.

After all our purpose is to do His will in our lives and to share it with others, let’s just believe in Jesus.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved. From death, from stress, from worry, from wallowing in our selfish pity. Yes I did say from death. We may go through the appearance of death but thanks to Christ Jesus we will not suffer death after life, if we believe in the Lord, Jesus the Christ, we will be saved.

Let’s change how we look at things today, this week, this month. Let’s count it ash doing for the Lord, not for ourselves. Let’s do the things that He would do for others, and not try to show off or show up someone else. Count your blessings not your gifts. Give the gift of Jesus!

In His love,

Teresa Wilson