Don't be Stupid! Think it through...~ in His Word-8-10-2020

 It is pretty easy to do something and then realize later that we should have planned ahead. For example When planning a year of Home Schooling I had to be certain that I had the lessons, knew what I was going to teach, and how to teach it, as well as all of the items needed to produce the end product, the learned students! In the beginning I found I would over purchase supplies. I bought more paper notebooks because they were on sale. Then seeing the same 10 cent price,  my husband bought even more paper notebooks The result was we had a couple of cases worth of notebooks by the time we were done! Each subject needed a different color, so they were many colors for three students.  We have a few of those note books still and my students all finished graduation from High School and University! 

Sometimes we can do the same with our walk with Christ! We find out something that is such a good deal to learn about, say we read where Jesus told the disciples to go and tell the world the Gospel. The only problem is we do not know the Gospel yet because we have not studied to really understand what it is. We have not been taught to teach, to preach or to evangelize and so we cannot walk in our calling. 

Would we go out right away and begin trying to teach the little we knew? I think not!  If we did out of zeal we would no doubt misconstrue some of the Bible teachings. Until we have read the Bible in entirety we cannot be ready to do what we are called to do. Those who were sent immediately in the day Jesus said it had been living it with Him. If I had gone off to write a blog when I first got saved I would have very little to say and I would have made many people confused, and if they questioned why I believed I probably would have ended up feeling stupid. The more I learned about Jesus, the more I had to write about how He was changing my life. The most important thing I would have needed to learn was the fact that the Holy Spirit was there to teach me by leading me through the Word. 

Here is another example taken from one of my Dailies in 2019. 

There was a show my daughter and I were watching that gave us a chuckle. The cook had not thought ahead well enough to know what she was doing in a recipe and totally messed up the end product. Their response to a question about what went wrong; “I was stupid!” 

We chuckled because it comes in handy as we do lame things occasionally in life and after the face we question ourselves and our thought process. If only we had our minds on the things above instead of impressing someone, or trying to shine for ourselves not God… if only we had kept our hearts, and minds aligned with the Word of God and other believers instead of being rebellious, and doing the wrong thing. We can easily step out of place and become foolishly selfish in our pursuit of what we think is our calling. 

Face it; there are so many things in life we could change if we just keep our minds aligned with the Holy Spirit.
We would not be boastful of ourselves and then get embarrassed for being foolish.
We would have more joy as we rejoice with others in how God used them, instead of feelings of jealousy because He chose them instead of us.
Rejoice with them that rejoice; weep with them that weep.  Being of one mind one towards another. Not minding high things, but consenting to the humble. Be not wise in your own conceits. Romans 12:15-17
                      For you died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. Colossians 3:1-3
When we keep our mind on the things of Christ, or His opinion on our walk through this life then we will find peace, joy, happiness and dare I say a bit of the good kind of pride? Pride in following a God that is awesome! Pride that He knows our name, and pride that says I am a child of God!
When we remember who we are in Christ then we can walk according to His Word, His direction and His hope. Then we will not be stupid, but smart, and if we make a mistake we wont be embarrassed but instead we will know that our God loves us and forgives us and helps us to make it right again! In Jesus name!

Most of all, in order to not be stupid we need to study the Word of God to know what God has for us to do, to be, to walk through. If we do not study through the easy times we will not make it through the tough times either. If we spout off a bunch of what we think is the Word, then ca
nnot back it up with a God given reference from the Bible then we will be 'stupid' wont we! 

Heavenly Father, help us to keep our mind on things above and to stay focused on Your Plan not just ours  so we will be walking wise and not foolish,

in Jesus’name, amen.
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