The beginning of an end, and the end of a beginning... in His Word 6-15-20

Read through Elijah's story in 1 Kings 19:1-21

Elijah was feeling pursued, and rightly so! He was told he would be killed for killing the false prophets. He ran to a town in Judah and asked God to just take him!  He said he had had enough running, he had to do so much for God and he was done! He left his servant there and ran off into the wilderness to die in his plan... He had had enough!

We all have probably had a moment when we felt like we had enough and could not take one more thing! I love God's response to get up and eat, when he was laying there in the wilderness He gets up and looked around and found bread and water! in the wilderness God fed him! In the lowest of his lows, God fed him!

Good stuff too! The bread was on hot stones! it was fresh! So he ate it.

God feeds us when we think we are done! He nourishes our souls along with our bodies!

Then he sent an angel of the Lord again to touch him, to wake him and tell him to eat some more to prepare him for the journey ahead.

God feeds us more than just one serving! He allows us to rest up before gearing us up physically for the journey He has placed before us.

He prepared Elijah for a 40 day journey! It gave him enough strength for the journey to Sinai... the mountain of God!

Then  he Lord spoke to Elijah.. after he was fed, directed where to go... 40 days , tough to walk through, he didn't mention a car, a train, a plane or even a donkey, he walked! For forty days!
Sometimes it takes time to get to the place where God will speak to us.
Elijah then is asked why he is there?
Do you ever feel like God sent you someplace either physically or maybe a place in your life path, where you feel like you were put there by Him and then you have to answer for it?
Elijah had to tell God why he was there! What he wanted!  He cried out to God and basically I really worked hard to do what You wanted he did everything he was told and worked as a good hard working servant doing Gods will, doing what was right in God's eyes, and then the people got mad and killed all the other prophets and that he was the only one left.

Do you ever feel like you are alone? Elijah did! and he had nowhere to turn but to God!
God told him to stand in front of Him on the mountain.

That is where the story comes in ... The wind blew, the earth quaked, and God did not speak up, he was not in those. He did not touch him...  the fire came and burned ... nope still not God.

Then there was a tiny soft voice that said... What are you doing here Elijah?
Elijah probably thought, “What ? You told me to be here, why are you asking me?”  But maybe not...So he repeated what he had told Him in the first place, he was done! He didn't want to stay in this world anymore, he felt like he did everything right and had nothing to show for it but a death threat!

Then God said, “Okay, I’ll give you a successor.” And tells him where to go to anoint Elisha.

Sometimes we feel like we have done everything right, walked where He said to, and still bad things chase us in life!  But God is not done with us yet, even if we think I AM DONE as Elijah did.

Think about that a moment.... He did everything, God told him to do, we don't even really do that, we are so weak humans, we fail all the time, but God forgives us. And gives us help, or a successor, or whatever it is that He sees we need to help us continue our work for Him in life... Thinking on this today, God speaks when we don't expect it, in a way that we do not expect it, and yet, He speaks... He is answering our desires, our request, our cry, but are we hearing Him? Also are we ready for what we are asking for?  Are we?

Think on that for a while!
Are you READY? Here comes the big finish for this chapter…
It ends with Elisha wanting to finish plowing his field, and then Elijah says okay dont leave work undone before you follow God cause He is calling you!

Be ready! Don’t leave a mess behind you. God is calling you.