Dailies~ in His Word 2019

Dailies- in His Word
July 19, 2019
When He had called the multitude to Himself, He said to them, “Hear and understand: not what goes into the mouth defiles a man; but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”
Matthew 15:10-11
Everything that God puts in us spiritually is in our hearts and minds, but the most important of this is what is in our hearts. Our heart fills up and spills over with joy, peace, hope, and love but it can also spill with sorrow, longing, and deprivation.  It is important that we fill our heart with the right things, so they spill out the right things.
A while back our pastor’s wife spoke on filling our Buckets; she pretty much meant our heart and soul and mind. When we are full up on the Word of God, and the presence of God feels near we will spill His presence out on others. That may sound weird or far fetches but think of this for a moment. You go to a sporting event, you get all excited because your team won and you celebrate so everyone knows what your team did! You are shouting and jumping up and down, there are bands and parades all for a championship team.  The excitement is overflowing!
Now, think about that in a spiritual aspect; You spend time in prayer and worship with song and praise, you listen to great speakers preach the word of God to you and you feel, sense and accept the Word as truth. You feel lie you can be the team that wins the world to Christ!  You want to jump up and down and shout for Jesus too!
When you go into a store, you may not mind waiting in line ‘cause you can talk about Jesus, you hear the songs still in memory so you start singing out God’s praises. You may not notice but someone an isle away from you hears that and finds hope, someone else remembers their own church service message and pays for the person in line who is struggling to get the money to pay for their groceries… its contagious!  So you share what a great God you have and people around you start to smile and His presence overflows from you to them! The excitement of Jesus is more incredible than a team that won, because when His presence overflows lives are changed, hope is renewed and good things happen.  If we were to be grumpy because the line was slow, that discontentment would do the same thing.  It would cause strife and disappointment to over flow.  Then you are feeding the enemy, I would rather feed people God’s Word and His Presence!  Let’s follow His directions and His advice and example!
Heavenly Father, draw us nearer to You that we may put more of the Word in and overflow with your goodness that our buckets may pour out on those around us. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Teresa M. Wilson