Dailies 2019

Dailies~ In His Word
April 2, 2019
My church is better than your church!  Sometimes it seems like we are little children bragging about our dads when we get all prideful about our churches. We are one body, one family of God in many houses of worship; we need to remember to act like we are one family.
As a young child my friends and I would have an argument over something and my friend would say “My brothers going to beat you up!” The argument would go on to my brother would beat her brother, and then up to our dads, and my dad was always the winner case he was taller and had been a marine! The funny thing is none of it would ever really happen because the arguments would subside as soon as the ice cream man came down the street, or one of our parents would offer us a drink of water or a run through the sprinkler. Then we were best friends again.
As Christians in the family of God, we need to remember that this life is too short to argue over who said what, or where so and so goes to church or doesn’t. We need to be like-minded in service to Christ and His goal for us; we need to not get caught up in the cares of the world and getting our noses bent out of shape. God brings us to the church that needs us or that we need, if we truly are following His direction then each time we chose to leave one church for another it should be because it is God’s needs or desires that will be met. I have some friends who moved to another church once that after a visit I found out the Pastors had been praying for strong Christians to join the congregation of babes in the Lord. Sometimes we just have to spend time with other members of the Family and help out.
We are after all a large family, many churches with a common goal; to seek and to save the lost, to feed the sheep, and to care for the sheep. It’s all God!
Now may the God of patience and comfort grant you to be like-minded toward one another, according to Christ Jesus, that you may with one mind and one mouth glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Romans 15:5-6
Lets challenge ourselves to be kindred spirits with one another, like-minded as to reaching one goal, in Jesus’ name!
Heavenly Father, thank you for the challenge You have given us to get along, help us to make things right and keep in one mind with You, In Jesus’ name, amen.

Teresa M. Wilson