Dailies 2019

Dailies In His Word
March 2019
So, when did you realize that you needed God in your life? Was it when you went to church? Or, maybe it was at a funeral when God opened up the rainy sky over top of your Aunt’s burial site? Perhaps it was at a time when you realized you could not ‘do life’ without help and that your help was in a God who loved you even in your mess of a life? 
Whenever you chose to believe, to follow, or to accept Christ as your Savior and ‘received’ Him you began your walk. We start there, and accept the need, accept the Lord but do we really understand what we are doing? O we realize that the Love of God that we receive is going to change us in ways we could not imagine?  For instance, our opinions about people around us, God changes our perception to see the good in people, or the need people have when we really do not notice He has done it. Because He loves us we can love others unconditionally—not foolishly but unconditional love means in spite of their behaviors, lifestyles, idiocy or rudeness, we can still love them and pray for them. Though it does not mean we have to hang with them!
God said to love others as we love ourselves; we can only love ourselves if we love God first because God is love.
 Beloved, may we love one another, because the love is of God, and every one who is loving, of God he hath been begotten, and doth know God; he who is not loving did not know God, because God is love. 1 John 4:7-8 YLT
We need God in our lives because we need love; we need love so that we can help others, and love and be loved. If for no other reason to know that we are loved unconditionally, wholly and in truth by God, who is love Himself, we need God in our lives.
Accept it!
Heavenly Father we need You every day, not just when we cry out, or when the preacher says we do. Help us to all know the reality of Your Love in us. In Jesus’ name, amen.
Teresa M Wilson