Dailies - In His Word 2019

Dailies ~ In His Word 2019
Day -24
Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.  Let all that you do be done with love. 1 Corinthians 16:13-14
This just made me think this morning. It is telling me to ‘wait for it’, but to stand ready in faith.
It is telling me that I, we should not be afraid of what god is about to do but to do it with love. Whatever it is that we have before us today we should walk in it, because God has put it before us and He will guide us through it.
It’s not always easy to do right? I know people who are battling cancer, chronic pain problems, and many other health related issues they are struggling to get through. They bravely go before the throne of Grace and plead their causes and walk in it seemingly without a problem on the outside.
The thing is when we see someone walking through something and remaining strong in their faith we can trust that they know the truth, that God is with them in everything even the death bed. We as those around them need to be brave as well, we need to trust that God has them in the palm of His hand and that He will give them faith to make it through the trials just as He did Paul and Peter and the other disciples we read about in His Word.
Trust in the Lord and do good, and He will exalt you to dwell in the land. Psalm 37 says this, and today I see this as trust in the Lord and carry on, be brave, be strong, and God will lift you up to dwell where He puts you back down.
Heavenly father, we lift up our friends, we lift up ourselves to you today to be brave in Your power and Your might, because its not about us, its about Your glory. In Jesus name, amen.
Teresa M. Wilson