A Walk in the Word Chapter 3

A Walk in the Word

Genesis – Chapter 3
The Fall of Man

  1. Begin by reading Chapter 3:1; how is the serpent described and why would God creates such a creature, or did He?

  1. Discuss Eve’s answer to the serpent’s suggestion.

  1. What was the Implication of the statement the serpent made in verses 4-5? Was it the truth? Explain your answer.

  1. Why did Eve bring the fruit to Adam?

  1. Was it wrong of her to bring it to him? Why or why not?

  1. When did sin actually begin? Who committed it?

  1. Do you think that Eve was thinking about the bad part or even the good part of the “knowledge” she would receive? What about Adam; discuss his possible motives for eating the ‘apple’ as well.

  1. How did Adam following what Eve suggested set the pace for us women today?

  1. The Bible does not actually say what kind of ‘fruit’ it was only that it was pleasant to look upon. Is it important what type of fruit it was? Why or why not?

  1. Why did Adam and Eve hide from God?

  1. Did He really not know what happened? If so then why did God ask them why they were hiding?

  1. When God heard them lie to Him what did He do?

  1. What was the curse Adam brought upon man? What was God’s reason for giving it?

  1. Why do you think people blame Eve for the curse upon mankind?

  1. What did he do to the serpent? Why?

Remember as you study the lesson to write down any extra questions or ideas you find yourself wondering about in regards to these chapters.