Is this the Perfect Home School Planner?

This is it! I found a Planning page that works for me; but where did it come from? 
I found it among my files on my computer while searching for the one I had used a couple weeks back that I had been enjoying. I am on a quest to find this planning page and what planner it came from! 
At the top you ca see there is a spot for name, date, etc.
which is actually the side once you put it in a binder. 
This is the most user friendly printable planner! You do not save the weekly plan to  your computer to fill it up with useless sheets of years of lesson plans, but instead it clears after you print it! You can only save the layout not the words you type.
This makes me think it may be a planner! She put a lot of work into her site and I suggest you check it out to find what you need to help with just about any lesson you are teaching your student(s) this year. 
I chose my font and put it in the section needed for each day. For my son it is the perfect size. I really love how there are added spaces to the right of the days to add in my extra assignments or for him to write a note back to me regarding work not completed so I may reassign things the following week. These could also be used too have science project supply lists or other such information. 

Under 'The Perfect Planner page ' is the one I used before. It had lines though, this one does not and I love it! Half way through the week and it still looks clean! I love that I can type it  in and it fits! As you can see I could write more detailed information for my student if needed. 

I encourage you to check out and search through her planners, the one under my perfect planner is hers. Alas though I searched the site and so far I have not found mine! 
Does anyone out there know where it is? Was it part of a bundle that I never realized I had? 
The search will continue if you find it post a comment with the information to help me, and other home school planning people to find this "PERFECT PLANNER FOR ME"