A Walk in the Word
 Genesis - Chapter 2

            God created everything, fed everything and then when His accomplishments were completed He rested. Notice He did not rest each night as we do but waited until the world we live in was complete. Remember as you study this chapter that God looked at what He created and remarked on its goodness then went on to the next thing. It does not say He actually rested until the second verse in the second chapter.

Read chapter 2 together with your group.
  1. Having read through the chapter what does it mean by “…all the host of them…”?

  1. What was finished?

  1. On the seventh day God rested; He sanctified the day as a day of rest from all he had done. Read Isaiah 58:13 and explain the reason we have ‘a day of rest’.

  1. Discuss the meaning of “…in the day…”

  1. Where did the waters that cover the earth come from?

  1. Chapter 2:7 –Where did Adam come from? Where did he get his first breath of life? Why do you think it was important for God to have put this in the Bible?

  1. Read Genesis 3:19, 23 Psalm103:14, and Job 33:4. Describe what was brought from the earth and why you think this was mentioned so many times in the Bible.

  1. Describe what Eden must have looked like using the rest of this chapter.

  1. Where do you think it was located? Use a map to try to locate the rivers mentioned.

  1. Was Adam in the garden as it was being created? Give scriptures to back up your answer.

  1. Why do you think God chose to make rules for living in the Garden? What was His rule(s)?

  1. What did Adam have to keep him busy, or keep him company? Why was she called a “Helpmate”?

  1. What does the above description tell us about how we should treat our spouse?

  1. Why did God chose for Adam to have a “helper comparable to him”?

  1. What was the first surgery performed on earth and why do you think God chose to create her this way? What is the significance of woman coming from man?

  1. Why do you think verse 25 was necessary?