Are you doing all that you can do? In His Word 2-8-2022


Are you doing all that you can do? In His Word 2-8-2022

Yesterday I was supposed to write. I had a devotional blog, a speaking engagement, a draft to edit; but then I had a migraine. If any of you have suffered from these, you know how controlling they can be of our lives. Sometimes it seems they stop us in our tracks and cause us to just cry out in pain or sleep, or maybe get sick for a few hours. Whatever type of migraine you get it can change your plans. This happened to me.

I began to think on what to write and suddenly it hit. I can no longer focus my thoughts and turned off all sound so I could have quiet, I then ended up in bed sleeping so that it would just go away!


This gives me time for thought. It effects my eyesight for a time so I can only think with my eyes closed.

As I have an upcoming retreat to speak at, I was thinking on the theme. The problem is that I could not remember much because of the pressure of the migraine. So, I just rested.

Do you ever just rest?  It feels nice!

You forget all your problems, and chores, and just lay there cause its what you can do at the moment?  The good thing is I could not feel guilty about not doing things because the pain and pressure becomes more intense if I do not rest my mind from stressful thinking. I guess it is a good place to be, in an odd way.

Since all I could do was pray and ask God to take it away and help me rest my mind. I rested on His promises.
He will give you perfect peace if you keep your mind on Him. Isaiah 26:3 paraphrased.

He did of course, a few hours later I awoke with vision, and refreshment of thought.  I could see without blockage and my head did not hurt so much. From there I could move forward.

There are many scriptures that encourage us to move forward. In Hebrews we can read from chapters 5 to 7 and find so much insight to follow. It talks about Christians who have the knowledge to share, but they keep asking for more knowledge for themselves. After a while we read the Word, we study the Word for so long we keep trying to find new meaning in it, more ways to study; but we should be sharing what we know. When we do not share what we know it is like stagnant water, it sits there and does nothing. Why bother learning and knowing Christ if you do not share it?

So let us stop going over the basic teachings about Christ again and again. Let us go on instead and become mature in our understanding. Surely, we don’t need to start again with the fundamental importance of repenting from evil deeds and placing our faith in God. You don’t need further instruction about baptisms, the laying on of hands, the resurrection of the dead, and eternal judgment. And so, God willing, we will move forward to further understanding. Hebrews 6:1-3


I got this idea from my daily reading in the Word. My daily nibble gives me guidance for my day, but it also gives me encouragement to share with others.

I think sometimes life can become a mess of things to do and we have to sort things out to get perspective .

Had I not had the migraine I would have gone full on into my day that was piled up with booking hotels, and scheduling meetings, planning, and writing projects on top of all that. Then the normal house stuff to do each day. No wonder I got a migraine, eh?

Once I stop and take stock, I realized that the rest was good for me! It gave me time to pause and reflect, to rest and renew, and to restart my day a bit later than I thought.

God’s Word tells us that we have the knowledge that we need to share with others, but we need to do so. We don’t need to go over and over things but instead share what we know. Teach what we know. Shout out about it! Get excited that Jesus died so you could bring someone else that saving knowledge of His grace!

Start your day with Him today.

Find that perfect peace throughout the day by keeping your mind on Him. The Lord is on our side so we can do it! We can keep the peace while we share with others what we know in His Word today! Everyday really!

Let’s make that a challenge this week! Let's try to tell someone something about Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit all of God’s person, in something we do or say. I mean Jesus did not just say go and show the gospel, but He did say to teach and to preach to all people. So why not?  Let's take the fact that we need to fill our lives with the newness of Christ to the extent we can share it with others then remember that His word will not come back void!  Isaiah 55:11 tells us this! So share it today!

Just as I rested and He did the work to heal my head, He will do the work in the others when we just share the Truth it will set them free!  In Jesus’ name!