What does God Want? ~ In His Word 7- 27-2020

What does God want from you?
In His Word 7-27-2020

Plain and simple He wants you to follow the path of God.
The way to find this is to look in His Word, your Bible. I find it funny that we as a people, myself included, as God all the time “What should I do” or “what do you want from me?” When its spelled out in many versions that we should just do the will of the Lord God who sent us, who saved us, who loves us! He even gives us a map, a guide book and someone to interpret for us!

It is so amazing that our God loves us so much, and yet we keep acting like spoiled children begging Him for donuts when He gives us bacon and eggs! We always want more, and the bad for us stuff too.

A lot of people I know are working towards a healthier life, or a happier life, a more prosperous life, as if they are not satisfied with the life they have. They want it now thought, they do not want to put forth effort in prayer over it, they just want to work harder themselves and try to do it all on their own. The thing is, God has placed us in the life we are in for His purposes. Maybe the weight you gained during this time at home was Allowed so that you could bond with your family members while you work out and eat right? Maybe the research you do to shed said pounds will teach you something that you can use to help others know God better. We are told to take care of our Holy Spirit, so we should not trash our temple with so much junk food that it makes us sick. We need to work at our physical bodies to get and stay healthy. In order to keep our spiritual bodies in good shape we need to work on the spiritual as well.  If by some chance we can find happiness in it that is a blessing from Him as well.
Of course, He wants us to be full of joy, hope, love, etc., but we need to seek the Word to find out how to walk in wisdom to receive or achieve these things.

 My father taught me,
“Take my words to heart. Follow my commands, and you will live. Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Don’t turn your back on wisdom, for she will protect you. Love her, and she will guard you. Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!  And whatever else you do, develop good judgment. If you prize wisdom, she will make you great.  Embrace her, and she will honor you. She will place a lovely wreath on your head; she will present you with a beautiful crown.”
My child, listen to me and do as I say, and you will have a long, good life. I will teach you wisdom’s ways and lead you in straight paths. When you walk, you won’t be held back; when you run, you won’t stumble. Take hold of my instructions; do not let them go. Guard them, for they are the key to life. Don’t do as the wicked do,  and don’t follow the path of evildoers. Proverbs 4:4-14
For the Lord gave us this command when he said, ‘I have made you a light to the Gentiles, to bring salvation to the farthest corners of the earth.’” Acts 13:47
Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding. Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take. Don’t be impressed with your own wisdom. Instead, fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.             Proverbs 3:5-8
To get healthy physically we stay away from evil foods, such as too much sugars, too much meat or just plain too much! To gain Spiritual health we must get more and more of the Word, and prayer, and add some worship in there for good measure. When we connect these three, we can find the answers to what God wants from us. The scriptures above spell it out plain and simple, I think.
-        Trust God- believe that what His Word tells you is truth, and that when you follow His lead you will not be led astray.
-        Keep the wisdom of God close to your heart. Remind yourself daily with His Word and prayer regarding what you read. Then
-        Meditate on the Word daily, or more than daily! Think on what you read, pray about it, think on it some more and ask God to show you the importance in that passage.
-        Ask God where to walk, the path of Righteousness is where He will send you, but how to stay on the path comes in prayer and reading again!

Study to show yourself approved by God, not ashamed that you did the wrong thing, but rightly dividing the Word in truth! (2 Timothy 2:15)

Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us directions and showing us the signs on the path we follow after You. Help us to continue the right path by drawing us nearer to You via the Holy Spirit. In Jesus name, amen.
Suggested Scriptures to take a start! 
2 Timothy 2:1-26, Acts 13:1- 51, James 1:1-27, and 1 Thessalonians 2:1-20.