Schooling at Home ... it's a thing!

Here we go with May coming up around the corner, this Friday!

Mayday traditionally is a give flowers in a basket to people day so why not plan to do something for a neighbor such as this?
Cut flowers from the yard or make paper flowers and put them together with a ribbon or string. If you have a vase sure go ahead and use that but otherwise have your kids put them in Christmas wrapping turned inside out like a bouquet from a flower store.

Have youngers draw flowers and place a note with the bouquet so that the recipients will know what they are about. Simply put “Happy May Day” is good enough!  If you choose to write a note to go with it that is great too! Make it encouraging and add a scripture if you want to share God’s love with them! 

Paper flowers can be made with any paper and a stick or pipe cleaners if you have them! Drawing coloring printer paper and cutting them out then sticking them onto the end of the stick or taping, or how ever your child chooses to design it, will be great!
Let them be created from the heart of a child!

I have a challenge for you as well this week!
Each day have your child and you write three things that are not so good about the day.

Then write three things that worked great!

Gratitude is great! It encourages things to get better, so three things to make tomorrow better!  Try to encourage the kids to write reality, and have littles draw pictures of course, or have an older sibling help or yourself to write the words they say.

Put these up where everyone can read them. Sometimes it helps to encourage one another when we see their sadness items and realize we can help in some areas. I think kids find that helping one another helps them!😎

Plan to play a game!

Do you have Monopoly? Maybe Sorry? Stuck in your cupboard? Pull it out this week! Each time your kids complete a class they can group up and play another round of turns! Don’t forget to make it sound fun when you tell them about it!

If your kids made a board game last week then play them one evening! Make it family game night! Pop Popcorn,  have delicious beverages and lots of laughter! This will help transition to another month of stay at home possibility!

Encourage your kids to get ahead in class incase they go back to school. The fact is things will be rather interesting as they return to class, if they get to do that this year, and being ahead will give them one up on their grades as well as help the teacher and other classmates to move forward faster!

During class or work time for parents kids sometimes will finish early. That is okay but be sure to have a structured free time set up!

Create craft bins or puzzle shelves with items to put together in order to spend extra time having fun!  Try to keep the screens off during this time and it will give them a chance to earn screen time later!  If they complete a project in free time then they can earn 5 minutes, or 10 minutes of game time or something like that. As easy as it is for us to give in to games to give us some space, we parents need to do just that and guide them in proper screening and quality time use.

I used to print off extra fun word games and color pages by number and find a hidden picture sheets for the older ones to enjoy and as they get older use crossword puzzles too! There are places online that you can create your own!, are two f them! If you come across a page that has cost, scroll through and see what they have for free! Most pages will have something free to print at least a copy of!
Once you have that copy, as long as you are not charging for it and while its in your house you can print up to 6 copies of most things!

Wondering how your kids are doing? 
Try a 20 questions game!  Have fun questions like “what did we have for dinner last night?” as well as some from each of the kids levels! You may be surprised when your 7 year old answers the high schoolers question but working with siblings near by can bring out an amazing amount of learning!

If you are looking for a great, brightly organized, easy to teach science class to teach check out the Real Science for Kids on Gravitas Publications site! We used there Life science for one semester and found it to be fast moving and exciting!  They have free samples too! should get you there!

Okay for fun see what you can do with this!
Make food FUN!  Put a plate together! 
Order pizza from papa murphy’s only ask them to wrap each item up and leave the dough unrolled! Take it home and create the pizza with all the fixings together as a family! If you want to you can order minis for the kids to do on their own and order another one for yourself! 
Make some cookies! Look up recipes for using bananas. There are a ton of them, and they come out really sweet!  The kids will be using math, and science while they have a great time!

Don’t forget one of the best times is always a family read along! Take turns reading a page each, then change things up!

Play the never-ending story!

You start it…” Once upon a time there was a… cat that liked to sleep on a rocking chair. One day the chair would not stop rocking… and then… next person adds a portion of the story!
You can have someone write it down or record it to listen to later! It will be a riot! One year we kept having a bunny show up it ate chocolate cookies and climbed a skyscraper like King Kong!  The stores get imaginable! Have fun and let me know in the comments how your story went!

Get creative and have fun this week!  Be blessed not stressed! It is really much more enjoyable!