Homeschooling 2020 The adventure begins!

Here we are going into our April week two and I came up with a few more things to look into if you are trying to teach your child at home! First I have recommended a sight, I do not have the link but if you type it in you will find a site with a sign up. After you sign up you will get 6 freebie downloads or printables, but there are many other good things to find through this sight! Enjoy the hunt! 
There is also a section on History down there! Don't miss the info it provides! 
Further down there is a section on Science for free today!  ( April  8th) Check it out! 

Teacher Vision Is another great site! I have found so many things that are on par with the public-school teachings but assisted learning so people can use it and download, print or do online!  It's even got some of the class pages that your teachers may be using with Glencoe Macmillan, as well as others! I personally like this brand because it shows colorful pictures for the kids to view! As a visual/auditory learner myself I recognized in my children early on if they needed visual or auditory learning. Once I realized if they needed to see or just really listen to catch on to a project or lesson it helped me to teach them with a better equipped mind set.  
If you are looking for a great history curriculum for future teaching, should you join the group of parents I am hearing about who think it may be safer to keep kids in house; Mystery of History is fantastic!  You can find them on Amazon, eBay, or Christian book distributors. (The latter mentioned site has a wide variety of home school curriculum not just focused on Christian type learning).
I totally recommend signing up for any free emails they can send you because this led to links like last weeks contributor, freebies, discounts and other great items! Some things show up with a discount at certain times of the year but often are high prices on others so its worth checking in now because many home schools are gathering their items, wish lists, and requirements for next fall already!
Simple tips:
-        Kids learn differently. Some need sound blocked out, some need to hear random noise like music or lectures, and some need to have visuals to really tangibly grasp a concept. This is mostly in math and English from what I have experienced.
-        Science can be fun! Keep a journal of what they learn!

-        Location is important to the kids, let them choose a relatively separate place if you have lots of kids so the younger and older kids are spaced out enough to not get annoying. (be honest all kids annoy one another at some point).
-        Take snack breaks!  Healthy and fun snacks!  Check out Pinterest for ideas! Party ideas give you a tone of cute fun snacks that can help kids enjoy breaks and get on with the next lesson with study snacks even!
-        Have older kids read aloud to the younger kids, this way you can get that ‘work at home’ done as well!
-        For families with middle to older children to teens, treat their schoolwork like work! They can clock in and do the lessons, while you clock in and do the work you do at home. So many parents are trying to juggle these without a plan! Make them an “office space” by moving some furniture around if needed but so they have room to keep track of their projects and can drop finished work in an “out box”!
-        If you have craft boxes or drawers in your house clean them up and make them the desk! They can work on school lessons on their own for the most part if you set up what they will need to use. Pens, pencils, coloring items. Extra paper, etc. They probably have back packs from school that carries most of that!
-        Keep schoolwork in the backpack when not being used so that nothing is lost!
Give them the option to complete everything by lunch and have half days!  If they finish everything for the week, they get free days!  Just like you are at work, if you complete a task early you know you have more time to do what you choose. That could be working toward early summer release or extra long Spring break! Its up to you when you are working at home!

Here is a great email that I received just today! Sign up for her free class and you can find out about how to register to pay for classes in the future if you love it as much as we did! She said I could pass on her email so I am passing it on here! 

 Hi Teresa
Just a quick reminder that TODAY is my NEW free live online class on The Biology of Plants & Animals... and you’re invited to attend for free!

This is a totally new edition of this class!

Plus, during the class your kids will do a hands-on experiment extracting cellular DNA from vegetables in your kitchen!

Your kids will actually be building a microscope during the class!

The class is today and I’ll be teaching the class for just over an hour…

Including step-by-step instructions for building a microscope AND extracting DNA in your kitchen!

Plus, we’ll learn about how scientists are using chemistry to grow color-changing flowers, and lots more!

Then, I’ll take questions from you and your kids so you can feel great about what your kids just learned. 

I think this will really HELP YOUR KIDS, by the way.

It’s specifically geared for helping kids who are either really eager to learn science, as well as those who feel it’s a real chore.

Here’s what you’ll get from this free class:

1.       I’ll do the teaching, so you can just sit back and watch (or, join in if you like).

2.       Your kids will be deeply engaged in a totally fun AND educational hands-on learning activity.

3.       By the end of it, they will be excited not only about what they just learned, but they will be eager to learn more (including the academic parts).

4.       They will expand their appreciation for the wondrous world around us.

If any of these things appeal to you, then you’ll love this class.

You can register for this free class right now at this link:


If your kids ever ask “Why do I need to learn this?” today’s class will give you some great answers.

I’m doing this because a big part of my personal mission is to inspire kids to WANT to learn about the incredible world we live in AND appreciate it on a deep level.  I’ve had the honor of sharing my teachings with over 121,000 kids so far and I’m grateful for the privilege to touch your kids’ lives.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you in class today.


P.S. Tomorrow (Thu.), I’m giving ANOTHER free class!  It will be on Marine Biology and undersea life.  You can register for that class at this link.


For a fun book study with a Christian aspect check out my own book! Follow on Hind’s Feet ( see link on the right) is a an interactive book study that gives you projects, artwork, games and other such things to do! I try to write to get the youth involved in the storyline! I am working on younger children’s books to be out this fall so keep an eye out for them! If you would like to comment in the comment link below and share your child’s or your choice of a book to study about, I may pick yours! If I do there may be a free book or two for you! Give it a shot!