Home Schooling this year? You want to check this out!

So, You’ve Found Yourself Home Schooling….

As a former Home School teacher/ mom I am eager to assist others in figuring out or navigating the world of schooling at home.
I was blessed with three children of interesting learning habits and be cause of this I have insight into how to teach the ‘ busy child’ who won’t sit still, the reluctant child who does not want to do school work but is extremely bright! Of course, I was also blessed with the advanced child, who does not want to stop schooling!
Through my Home Teaching journey I have found a lot of help via different internet sites! Some are listed on the side bar on the lower right of this screen and others will be added as I encourage you to step into this time as a challenge! You can do this!

If you click the link or #homeschool beside this article you should find my cry for help when my child ended up reaching Middle School or Jr, High age, and again when he reached High School and wanted to stay home to learn! You see, my children had the option to attend a private High School, two out of three would have stayed home the full years if it were not for my encouraging them to get some extracurricular work in. One was into Sports, and another into Theater, so we had to work those in.  I was blessed to become a part time Drama Teacher, to a group of High schoolers who did not want to work, for the most part. Some did not even want to be on stage they just wanted to get out of the writing class! Out of these students at least two are pastors, at least one is involved in paid entertainment, and another volunteers in lighting and other theatrical performance venues. All my students graduated outside the home with Honors! Two from University and one has returned to continue his University level degrees.

But enough about my resume!

One of my favorite sites for finding help for math all the way to College level is Khan Academy. You can head to the website and they let you learn for free! They do request a donation once a year, they have not particular amount and they do not require you to pay anything. I totally suggest you check it out!
KhanAcademy.org should get you there! Be brave and take a few clicks, do a lesson and take a test online, they even have SAT training! You will find peace you never knew you had!

A great site for all kinds of assistance and help links and downloads, many of which are free like the free e-book below; How to Homeschool my child is a plethora of help and encouragement for the home school mom, dad, aunt, grama, or whoever you are! Kerry sends out weekly emails to encourage you and give you new information and links to fantastic deals! She has been a total blessing to me and the clients that I have consulted with since my home schoolers graduated.
The Ultimate Homeschool Stack can be found here:

Click the links!  Check out her site and all the wonders of Home Schooling your child will begin to open before you! I should warn you; surfing home school sites can be addicting; it can give you an adrenaline rush!  You may find yourself finding new ways to plan your days so that you can work at home, at the same time as you are teaching your child!

As a writer I managed to work on writing while my student worked on their ‘seat work’. I would do housework as they learned lessons, by talking as I swept or did dishes. Often, we did science projects such as baking cookies, which everyone knows is just Math plus Science! Then it is fun to enjoy the project at the end! Do not be afraid to use video lessons! They are great to either view yourself or for watching with your ‘students’ as they learn.

I will be posting more links to follow as the days go by, one I am hoping to get permission for is an actual virtual science project lesson! My kids loved it! Grade school science levels are fun when you can see it and do it at the same time!

Don't be afraid to ask for help! Teresa@Teresawilson.com

All you need to do is get organized, make a plan, and figure out if you wish to do sitting at the table or under the table home school work! We often had class up in the tree house for my youngest! One day he completed his History lesson book (there were ten per year)  in one day and got almost 100% correct because I allowed him to stay up in the fort and work on his own! He took his lunch up there and really had a great day! 

Just remember these days can be a problem or they can be great memories of the time we home schooled! It may even become a lifestyle you want to continue. Either way check out both of the links above and see what you can do!
I love HomeSchool!
Be blessed, not stressed,
Teresa Wilson