What does God care? Dailies ~In His Word 9-23-29

Dailies ~in His Word 
What does He care?

Jesus was above all but because of His love for us He came to be lower than the angels, like us, to die for us, and well basically to give us a place in heaven.
Why does He care?

And furthermore, it is not angels who will control the future world we are talking about.
For in one place the Scriptures say, “What are mere mortals that you should think about them, or a sn of man that you should care for him? Yet for a little while you made them a little lower than the angels and crowned them with glory and honor. You gave them authority over all things.”
Now when it says “all things,” it means nothing is left out. But we have not yet seen all things put under their authority.  What we do see is Jesus, who for a little while was given a position “a little lower than the angels”; and because he suffered death for us, he is now “crowned with glory and honor.”  Hebrews 2:4-9
Because the God of all creation created us to be, since He did he cares what happens with us. He gives us all kinds of stuff that we can do, good and bad, and allows us to decide what to follow. Now some people ask ‘what does God care what we do?’ They say He already knows what we will do so why bother worrying what we do good or bad? We will eventually go the right way… but what if we don’t? What if we choose to ignore God for a time in our lives, and end up in a really bad place instead of choosing to listen to His direction?
Look at David, for instance, who chose to stay behind and take a break from the battles and since he was home wandering around he saw something he should not have seen. Since he saw that sin waiting to happen he could have chosen to ignore it and go back to battle. He chose wrongly again and chose to act on his thoughts!
Due to that a man died, a child died and a woman was in sorry as well as his own. His is one thing but look at the turmoil that happened because he chose to be disobedient! God eventually blessed him again; after he repented and lived his life correctly again, He blessed the king with Solomon.
We can trust that God will help us when we make the wrong choice but that does not mean that we should ignore God. The Bible is full of times when God gave people choices, at one time He caused a donkey to talk and another time he took Israel captive for many years. It did not stop Him from getting to the point in history to bring us into His kingdom, so it will not stop Him from getting the work done He has called each of us to do. So, what does He care if you kill, steal or destroy? He cares because He loves us and wants our best.
Our job in life, our utmost calling is to do the will of the father, to share the Gospel story and the rest of the Words of God, that others may live their lives according to His will as well.
So, what does He care?
He cares enough to die for us.
He cares enough to warn us when we go astray, and to accept us back home when we loose our way.
Heavenly Father, thank you for caring what we do in life, help us to follow Your lead in all we do, and not go off grid! In Jesus’ name, amen.
Suggested Reading: Hebrews 2:1-18, 2 Timothy 2:1-26, and Romans 11:1-36