Dailies ~ 2019

Dailies ~in His Word
July 12, 2019

Looking through my note book I found a few questions I find are very important to ask ourselves. 
What can I do to make eternal salvation be better looking than the ‘fun’ of life now?
If you don’t know how exciting salvation is; then seek God first, and ask His guidance.  Then live what you find!
If that does not help you to live life to the fullest then ask yourself; why do I need Jesus’ Salvation?  What is the difference, or what do I do when I receive Christ in my life?
My own answer to these questions may be different from yours. I need salvation from Christ alone because He is the one who put His own life up for mine.
Once long ago I was so sorrowful over a friend who kept trying to take their own life, at that time I was seeking to find God still and was racing my car down a road thinking it would not matter if I died no one would care…so and so should live instead! I mentally wrote a note to the person saying such… and God said, “You don’t have to die for them, I already did.”  I think that may have been the first time I heard His voice. At any rate it was when I chose to listen to Him, and began seeking to find the salvation He offered. 
So where do we go from here? Once we have salvation, what is obvious to me but may not be to you; I have peace in horrible situations like when my son was born beyond blue.  I have hope in the struggles of life; like when cars brake down and people can’t help.  And I have love eternal, no matter how I react to the situations I have to endure, God will always love me and never leave me! That all comes because of the Salvation Christ gave us, and the belief that He is for real!
A wise heart shall acquire knowledge: and the ear of the wise seeketh instruction.

Heavenly Father, thank you for Love, Peace, Hope, Joy and Eternal life!  Thank you for Your Salvation becoming my salvation.  In Jesus’ name amen.

Teresa M. Wilson