365 weeks in His Word! Amazingly Happy !

I am taking time and celebrating this week the 365 weeks of In His Word that I have written. ! 
You can find a lot of them here on the site, you can find a lot of my books as well! When I started out writing this devotional article it was for my friend Becca Taylor and her Home School group. When that disbanded I was inspired to keep it going; apparently a lot of weeks! Through the years many of you have continued reading as I went through my parents deaths and shoulder surgery... as well as my kids graduation from High School and some from college! It is amazing how much time has passed and yet God keeps inspiring me to write! I am grateful for all of you readers and I am grateful for the God who gives me the words to write! 
I am going to post a lot of photos here from a few years passing some which have been posted here and a few that have not, but it is all in celebration of the changed God has put us all through as we walked in His Word! 


Through the years my kids have grown, they have learned a lot and so many things have happened!  My sweet Hubby started this sight on another location then transferred everything here to Blogger where I could update it myself! Through everything my God has inspired me to write!  I think writing In His Word has been a good constant thing to have to do! I can state the fact that I have only missed a handful of deadlines and probably one or two weeks I just did not post because of  some sort of traumatic things happening. Through all of this I hope that you have kept walking and reading and rejoicing... In His Word!