Something to Ponder... in His Word 6/10/16

Damascus Road- An event can change your life.

Are you blind that you cannot see—as Saul was, before God gave him spiritual eyes to see via the Holy Spirit? Acts 9
Saul was blind long before the bright light blinded him for three days and nights strip t Damascus. That was just a turning point in his life where he was truly given sight. He was given the sight that the Holy Spirit gives us when we have the scriptures opened to us for understanding. He was given sight to know and really ‘get’ that Jesus is Lord of all and the Messiah that the Talmud was talking about in all of his classes he went to growing up. He was open to understanding but it did take him a huge life change to get to that.
Sometimes God will have no other choice than to bring a huge event in our lives in order to get our attention or to open our eyes to see what He is really trying to get us to see. The truth, I believe is what He tries to show us but we let people, and our personal ideas of how our lives should be get in the way of what God wants for us.

Are you deaf to the cries of the orphans and widows or the poor and needy? Sometimes we can grow a hardened heart to the poor or orphans and widows. Sometimes it is merely because we do not know what to do, and other times it can be because of circumstances in our lives that have grown in us an attitude that is wrong. ‘They should take care of themselves,” “It’s not my fault they are like that,” or maybe even “Not my problem, I have worked hard for my money.” If these thoughts are running through our minds we cannon hear their cries because we have formed a blockage that damages our heart’s ears. Ask God to open your heart’s ears to have compassion for those in need, truly in need. 

The Bible talks about how to treat the widows who are alone, who have no sons to take care of them and such. I get the idea that means we need to know who is in need and meet their need in spirit and in truth to the best of our abilities. Some will be able to give a hug, others will be able to give food, some clothing, and some financially. Some folks will be able to open their homes and bring the orphans or widows in to give them a family again. Ruth did this. In the book of Ruth 1:1-4:11 we can find her story. She followed her widowed Mother in law, when she also was an orphan and a widow herself.  Naomi took her under her wing and instructed her in finding another husband and Ruth took care of Naomi feeding her and giving her family again.

Are you lame and unable to walk in your calling?  John 5:1-47 Sometimes this happens; we are given our calling by God, we know what it is but doubt that we can do it. We think “He must have given me the wrong words” referring to the preacher who spoke the word of wisdom to us. But what that really says is that we are paralyzed in our calling and have not way of moving into it. We ‘sit on our gifts’ and hold back what God has told us to do because no one will lift us into the pool to give us healing, to strengthen our bones and muscles to give us spiritual health to do the will of the Lord. Sometimes we are paralyzed by fear of what the Lord has shown us will be our walk in life. When He give us a word to speak to someone for instance; we can hold back from telling the person for fear of what they will say. Sometimes the Lord just wants to heal you where you are and tell you to rise up and walk!  To get out there to the mission field, or to speak to the women and men He has put in your path to speak to.

We are humans, and we find ourselves easily able to ignore the call of the Holy Spirit in our lives. To teach, to preach, to evangelize; it is not always an easy thing to do to walk in our calling. God knows how to open the ears to those who cannot see spiritual things, the things of God, the truth. God knows how to open the eyes of those who would hate us and bring them into the kingdom of God as brave men and women who will stand up and tell the truth about Him. And God knows how to move us into the mission, the calling He has given us to do. So my last question today is; what are we waiting for? Ask Him to do it right now! Ask Him to open your eyes! Open your ears, open your heart to feel, to free your feet to walk the walk He has placed before you. And then walk in it, see it, hear it… just do it!