Are you ALL In the Word?

Are you All in?- in  the Word-6-13-16

There is so much to get involved in in the summer time now days that it seems our lives carry us away from home and off to places away from our church buildings. I wonder sometimes where everyone goes on church days while out of town. Are you all in the Word of God? Or are you allowing the distractions of a vacation to pull you away from your daily reading? Sometimes when we go away on a trip I find it hard to slip out and find a spot of solitude to read my daily supply of spiritual vitamins but if I do not have it I am likely to become weak and give in to do things I probably should not do,  or hear things I should not hear. If I am in the Word daily, spending time reading to glean and reading to share then I will most likely take time to pray more often as well. When the Word of God is on your mind it comes out of your mouth more as well.

When God’s Word says to put on the full armor of God it was pretty clear that we need to be ‘all in’ when it comes to living a life pleasing to God. Ephesians 6:1-24
Not only does reading this chapter of the Bible bring you direction but it gives you strengthening tools to make the day before you better. At least it does for me!

When we remember to read even when on vacation, or camping, or at the beach for a week, whatever you do for fun in the summer months; you will grow stronger in the Lord and stronger as a person when you make the time to get in the Word. You will not be so quick to speak harsh words to your children or co workers; or the people in line who decide to add in a ton of things just when you are in a hurry at the grocery store for that matter!

For then I will restore to the people a pure language. That day they all may call on the name of the Lord, to serve Him with one accord…Be glad and rejoice with all your heart Zephaniah 3:9-14
When we are all in with Jesus we will desire to gain the knowledge and the spiritual food He has given us in our daily reads.
When I am feeling worn out, and tired when I wake up in the morning I can find strength for the day even when there is a lot on my plate by reading all that the Israelite had to go through. The miles they walked, the mountains they climbed and the walls they rebuilt not to mention the homes they had to construct to have a place to cover themselves at night were way more taxing than what we have to do today.

One thing that I know without a doubt is that when Christ came to let me know about His being God; or when I came to realize that He was for real; I chose to be ‘all in’ with His Kingdom. I chose to be ‘all in’ with His giving me direction for my life, even as far as to allow Him to chose my husband. He made an awesome choice too! My husband knows my weaknesses and knows when to call me on things I should be doing better, things such as not overloading myself by saying “sure I can do that” to everything just because I can do it. He helps me to realize I am not “God” who can do all things, and He encourages me to stretch myself to do the things God has given me to do, to climb the mountains I think are too high; and to rest when I need to rest. If it were not for the Godly husband I have I would not have the young adults I have who respect God and those who lead them according to the Word, he was strong in not allowing them to stray by making them think about what they learned in church and in their own personal Bible studies. He  listens to them when they talk about things in the world and is not afraid to tell them when he does not agree with some of their ideas yet shows them where to go to find the truth at the same time. I am forever grateful to God for bringing him into my life, and I found him in church one day. I would not have thought to go to God for a husband if I had not read about Issac and Rebekah in Genesis 24. Had I not read that I would not have known that the first time I saw my husband and felt drawn to him in a force that was not merely physical attraction, although that was a lot of it as my first words spoken about him was “He’s good looking!” I sought to know also what He knew in the Word, and who he was in Christ. Then I was all in to getting to know him more and more.

Had I not attended the Bible study on Ruth I would not have learned to glean from His Word and followed after Ruth and Boaz in their romantic beginnings.
Simple things in life are explained in the Word, simple things we can use every day, not just the ‘thou shout not’s’, but the ‘live by my examples’ are there for us when we are truly ‘all in’ His Word.
So how can you begin your walk to the “ALL IN His Word” club?
-          Wake up fifteen minutes earlier than normal tomorrow.
-          Pick a spot and read your Bible for ten minutes and ask God what you can do about what you read; speak it, live it or just plain know it.
-          Think on those things all day and implement the plan you and God talked about.
-          Then get up tomorrow and do the same thing again! And again, and again… commit to it, and remain ‘all in’.

Easy right? You can do it! Put on the song All In and get yourself inspired today! Sing some worship songs that draw you into His purposeful presence perfected. That means you are focusing totally on the fact that He is with you always.
Dear heavenly Father, when You died on the cross for us You were “all in” for us. Help us to be all in everything You want us to be in, not just ‘kinda-sorta’ but really digging in,  studying, and really doing the words in our Bible today and every day, in Jesus’ name,

Suggested reading: Genesis 24:1-66, Ruth 2:1-23, Zephaniah 3:1-20 and Jeremiah 18:1-23