Family Weekend at the GCU Conference Center!

Last October I was able to attend the Family Weekend at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. It was such a delight to have a chance to spend time with my two young adult kids attending this great University. Grand Canyon University is a beautiful campus I mean,  lets face it, you do not get to see the best views during Move in Week in the month of August!  I barely had time to stuff my students’ boxes into his or her dorms and rush off to the next thing.
 They treat us parents well with wonderful coffee and tea, water and fruit or muffins but we found ourselves exhausted and had to hurry back to our generous relatives home to crash and get some shut eye before hurrying back to say goodbye.

This trip I wanted to stay someplace near by, even if it meant I did not get to visit one of my favorite nieces and her adorable kidos I searched the list of hotels recommended on the GCU ‘where to stay while visiting’ link found on the University web site. I was delighted to find that the newly renovated hotel was open for business!
After checking the web site a few times I found I could only get one night in the room I wanted. The second night was full, but I decided one night close was better than none! So I used the easy to follow online registration and set up the one room.  I then emailed and asked if they held back ten rooms like many major hotels do when a big event is coming in order to sell them for the last minute purchases. They did not but they did rent me my room and told me to watch to see if someone dropped a room the week of the event.
I checked it almost daily and had all but given up when I saw open rooms on the night I still needed! Was I excited, the only problem I found was the room I already had was a different one than I could get for the second night. I did not care, I would move my stuff from night to night to be that close to the campus.
 I phoned to see if I could book  the two different rooms and was met with a somewhat confused desk clerk. According to her list the rooms were still full. I understood that the University was run by the students and gave her the information that I had found on their own web site. She tried to check into it and I gave her the option of calling me back to her delight she did so and returned the call only a few minutes later. She found my room and set me up with a ‘Deluxe’ room for both nights.

I was surprised to find this wonderful little "lope" towel design holding my soap when I entered the sink area. I also was quite delighted to see the Keurig Coffee maker in room. 

I had my son John come over and check out the hotel and visit between classes. 
We had seen the Hotel Guy show on the internet and so we decided to check the place out according to his level of inspection, just for fun. We found that the room had recently been painted only by the light powder left behind by the sanders. There was no paint smell, and believe me I would notice. The bedding smelled and felt brand new, and the whole room passed the clean and cheery tests. There is a love desk provided with internet access ready to go to work on home work while we visited later in the evening what could be more perfectly enjoyable for a visit with my students?   In fact the only problem I had was that I could not close the bathroom door as there was weather stripping or a door jam that was preventing it.
We decided to check out the Lobby to see if there was any coffee or anything before we headed back for his job volunteering as an usher at the Theater on campus. On the way to the elevator we passed a gentleman who wore a GCU uniform and asked if he could help us with anything. We started to say no, but then my son mentioned the door. The gentleman asked if he could check it out and before we knew it he was pulling up the rubber piece and promising to return with it cut down to size. It turned out it had just not been trimmed properly. 

We left the room after him and went down stairs. After enjoying a drink of ice water we watched part of a news report and headed back upstairs. To our delight he had already fixed the door and left before we got back. The job was well done and we had no other problems.
The service at GCU hotel and conference center is delightful and friendly. They offer a breakfast buffet that rotated its items instead of just going empty. This meant even though they ran out of one thing they replaced it with another so no spot went unused and everyone was full before they left. 
They are a fairly small hotel that is growing, I found a few visuals on the wall showing how it is and how it will be. I can’t wait to see it to completion and having one Senior and one Freshman means I just may get to see it!
Over all I found the desk clerks and chef’s all pleasant and cheerfully able to answer my many questions. I found that most of the workers attend the University but some are just working for a living at the hotel. 
Will I stay there again? You bet! I have already booked my rooms!