Who do you know--In His Word 10-7-13

Who do you know? In His Word 10/7/2013

I have tried three times now to get this Word down on 'paper' and I know it is crucial to someone out there.
Today I want to focus on who you know, who I know, and how important it is that we are around the right kinds of people in life. You can stand with the right people and things will go well for you, or you can stand with the wrong kind of people and they will drag you down.
For example lets look at some men or women in the Word that chose foolishly and then some who chose wisely just whom they would hang around with.
Caleb and Joshua both went with a great big group of guys to spy out the new land.
They both liked how it was laid out, how much food was available and they figured the people would be no contest. Unfortunately for them the group of men who went with them did not think so.
For the children of Israel waked forty years in the wilderness, till all the people who were men of wary, who came out of Egypt, were consumed, because they did not obey the voice of the Lord-- to whom the Lord swore that He would not show them ...the land of milk and honey... Joshua 5:5-7

The people of Israel chose to 'hang with the doubters' and wandered for 40 more years in the dessert as nomads.
Then there is the story of King Saul. In 1st Samuel, Saul started out making the right choices then changed up and traded who he was following. He started listening to the people's choices over the Lord God's choices. He listened to them to the point of going against a direct order from God himself. Because of his disobedience Saul became a sorrowful king, who had pain in his body and chased after David, the boy who would be king out of jealousy. He listened to the people wanting to keep things God told him to get rid of and this caused him to loose his kingdom to David, and to die by his own sword!
How low can you go?
When you are hanging out with the wrong crowd they will bring you down. No matter how much fun you think they look like they are having if they are breaking the rules you hold dear, or have been brought up to follow and you keep hanging out with them sooner or later you are going to slip and fall. You will fall and they will not even care to catch you because they are weak themselves.
When you fall with weak people they will not be there to pick you up again.
City streets are full of people who hung out with the wrong crowd and made the wrong choices. We call them homeless, addicts or worse, they are only weak people who hung with the wrong kind of people.
So how can we be sure that we will hang out with the right kind of people?
First you have to think and be picky when you choose whom you will hang out with.
Follow this rule of thumb; do not compromise values for friendships.
Choose friends who will complement your life and lift you up.
Choose someone who will allow you to encourage them as well!

If you really want to know how to choose the right kind of people you could look at how Jesus chose people; he walked along and invited them to be like them.
He asked them to join Him to do what he wanted to do.
Many people have followed him to where He chose to go, and do even today. Those who chose to follow Him have chosen wisely.
Jesus placed limits on his closest friends. He chose 12 disciples to be his Apostles. They were his inner group of friends. They were the ones He told everything to. Then there were some His followers that were there to hang with him for what He could do for them.

He kept them at a distance, and found time to be alone with his twelve. Each of the twelve men that he hung out with, and the few women that tended to them from time to time were subject to moments with Jesus that were special enough that they wrote them out in our Bibles.
Jesus chose friends who would do what He wanted them to do, and that was who He knew.
We can read about how Jesus kept his friends in line by rebuking Peter for being wrong, and Judas, whom Jesus knew would betray Him unto death, Jesus gave permission by telling him to do it quickly.
Peter was asked three times if he knew Jesus; he denied that he was part of the group of Jesus' friends. Yet he still hung with the group after Jesus died and rose again.

If you know the right people you will go far in life. Peter was the rock that started the Christian Church movement. Paul stood strong for what was right, and God showed him the right way to go. He took him from the wrong people that he was hanging with as a Pharisee and brought him to the right crowd of Christians- the Apostles of Christ. Paul went much further in his life for God than he would have as a Roman.
If you know the right people you will go far in life too. If you know Jesus the sky is the limit!

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us to know you, and to join in your group. Be with us today as we choose who we will hang out with in our free time. Help us to follow Your guidance and direct our paths; in Jesus name. Amen.

Suggested reading Romans 5:1-21 , Acts

2:1-47, 1 Corinthians 1:1-31, 2 Corinthians 6:1-18