Alpha Omega Science 6th grade- Life Pak 6-5,6,7,10 And Teacher Master. Life Pak Grade Six is sort of a Pre Chemistry introduction at this point with a bit of Astronomy thrown in. These books are in great condition and are priced to sell. 1 dollar per student book and 3 for the Teacher Master. 
Plus Shipping and they are yours. 

Life Pak Teacher Books Grade 7 and 8 
Price: 5 dollars each 7 for the set plus Shipping and handling ( the Book 10 student book seen is free with purchase.) 

Life pack MATH Teacher Books Grade 8 and 9 Excellent Condition 

Price: 5 dollars each 2/7+Shipping 
(student books in image free with purchase). 

Math Teacher Book insides have the answers and suggestions for more study. 

 Horizon Math 6 Teacher Handbook 
5 Dollars plus shipping costs. This book is tabbed for easy turning. There is one slight tear shown in the pink page above. 
Tabbed and ready to go! 
Horizon math is one of the best maths for Grade school to Jr. high.
Using the spiral approach Horizon math teaches a section by section lesson each day. My children enjoyed it because it as both colorful and reminded you of what you learned in the last lesson plus gave you a new lesson each day. Two pages a day works your lessons into one full year. 

I purchased a "Spell Well" book in a pile of books a few years back, it turned out not needed as other lessons I purchased covered the Spelling I needed. It looked quite fun though and I figured we would use it eventually. If you have home schooled for a few years you probably have books you have bought thinking you would use it and decided later to let it go. 

Pictured here is the Spell Well book inside and out.  This book is 1 dollar with purchase or 2 dollars plus shipping.  As you can see the pages are not written in and the book is in great condition! 

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