What are you doing? In His Word 5-23-23


What are you doing? In His Word 5-23-23

Recently on a trip. At first I did not want to go because I thought it was going to be a waste of time having just fun in the sun and not doing anything useful, but then I joined a group of Bible Study that was full of people from may walks of life and many different churches or beliefs that all lined up with the Word of God and Truth.

First let me say that it had been a while since I had been in a mixed communication group of people, not since the way life had been with the shut down of 2020 we have lived a bit of a segregated life. Okay now, don’t be thinking in race, I mean segregated as in my little bubble of the world. I go to my church, I go to theater stuff with my hubby and that is pretty much it. These are multicultural places, but they are each pretty much the same all the time as their groups lead. I attend my church, my small groups, Bible classes,  I do my writing, I do My Little Retreats, but these are pretty much in the same view of the Word of God and how He will use me.

The newness for me was that God reminded me how each of us has different callings. There was a couple of ladies there who spent their whole trip sharing the Gospel message with passengers!  Another who was not just a missionary but also a speaker writer for a popular Bible app online. There was a man in a wheelchair who spoke to people even when he did not speak via his hat and shirts. There was a lady who had hundreds of ‘tracks’ with her to give out wherever she went and she offered them up to us to hand out as well.  There were people who have worked with Billy Graham, Franklin Graham, and other famous people and all together in this little Bible Study group that came together in a mismatched group of believers seeking others who wanted to study.

 On one of the days, I was overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, I teared up, as I realized how God was showing me these people for a reason. He had a plan in this trip I took with my husband. I should have mentioned I was reluctant to go on it because it seemed a worldly trip, full of just fun and no way could God have a plan. But he did.

In this group of people, I was reminded that not only are we all the temple of God but so many groups are out there trying to get the Word out and we all have different ways of doing so. There is no right way, as long as it is God’s way.

Don’t you realize that all of you together are the temple of God and that the Spirit of God lives in you?

1 Corinthians 3:16

One of the best days on this trip was a hike to church in a tiny town barely approachable by much more than air and sea. We walked a mile to attend a wonderful church full of friendly believers serving God. Worship was awesome, the study sermon was great, and the people were really sweet! I wanted to move there I felt so at home.

I started my trip selfishly thinking it was all about fun and games, but as we progressed we shared with others little bits of God’s love, kindness and joy. We found little ways to reach the hearts and minds of people who like me, had not thought God would be there on a trip of such fun. But why not? Can’t God reach us where we are?  Yes He can and yes He does. Look at Jesus, He called each of His disciples as they were, and He told them to leave their nets and follow Him. Jesus did not just teach in a temple.  He also did not teach us to have us keep in in our small groups but to expand it out to the highways and by ways even to the end of the earth. That same Spirit in Jesus is in us and can reach out even in the darkest night to give you peace.

He will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Him.  Isaiah 26:3

So next time I want to go on a trip, I will not allow myself to feel guilt because I can have fun, but instead I will remember that while having fun I can find people who not only serve but need to be served. I can find a way to reach out to the unbeliever in a place they would least expect it! So can you!

Today lets challenge ourselves,  let’s see how we can share God’s Word, God’s love and the way to Jesus with someone out there. Even if it is just sharing what God has done for you today share with someone out there you normally would not.

Maybe its even another believer you are sharing with, giving them or receiving a different perspective as to how to share the Gospel, or the Good News, is effective ministry!  In the mean time, Seek God, ask Him what He wants you to do today to be Jesus to those around you. 

In His Love,

Teresa Wilson