Merry Christmas ~ In His Word 12-25-2020


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah and Praise to the Father, Glory to God!

In His Word, and In His love Ministries would like to wish you and yours the most wonderful of Holiday weeks! We hope and pray that you have the most wonderful time this year and find comfort and joy peace on earth if only for a moment!  We understand that not everyone has the perfect life they would love to be in, but my prayers are for you to have a good day, if not the best Christmas experience this year and remember it as the years go by. That you will not think of it as the year you were stuck in but the year where you got to stay home with family, and got to play board games or other things together, and found time alone to enjoy music or movies, “roic” times of just enjoying being you!

Be blessed in all you do today and…let all you do be done.. in Jesus’ name!

 Psalm 37:1-40, Luke 2, John 3:16-18