Yes You Can!~ In His Word 5-26-2020

Yes You Can! In His Word 5-26-2020

 Are you at the point where you just feel as if you cannot make it through something? Are you tired of struggling to make ends meet, or to achieve the fun times you know are waiting at the other side of shut down and shelter in place? Be strong! look in His Word today!
Sometimes it is a matter of perspective!
I praise you, Lord! Teach me your laws. g my own mouth, I tell others the law that you have spoken. Obeying your instructions brings as much happiness as being rich. I will study your teachings     and follow your footsteps. I will take pleasure in your laws and remember your words. Psalm 119:12-16
Sometimes we have days that are not so great. On these days we need to remember to share it with God and begin with praising Him. When we begin our time with praise, then pray and request that He show you what to do, then it helps us to focus and to realize what those desires, those needs, really are.  
Sometimes we think, I can tell this friend, or I can tell that person and they will give me the needs I desire. Needs of encouragement, hope, consolation, even direction, can come from our friends and sometimes it is because God has sent us to them. There are times though when God wants us to listen to His voice. To listen to His Word and He writes it on our hearts and minds and not only directs our path (Proverbs 3:5-7) but encourages us that we will make it to the end!
When situations come upon us and we know where we are supposed to be, but cannot get there due to those situations, it can be troublesome. Frustration can arise and we can begin to complain and whine because we are not getting what we want, just like a child.
I often wonder, when I go through this type of thing, what would some of our Bible Hero people do if they whined instead of walking in faith?
What would have happened if Joseph, the time he was thrown into prison for not being promiscuous with his boss’ wife, had sat there in the cell and whined and complained? Instead of keeping His focus on God and whatever God had for him? I don’t think he would have gotten the good favor of is coworker who put in a good word for him that lead to his release and rise to fame and power!
If Daniel did not resolve to do the will of God for them, in keeping pure hearts and bodies, through prayer and restricting the foods they ate as God directed them specifically to do, would he have been saved from both the fire and the lions?
We need to remember that people, are just people, and circumstanced happen that ruin our plans.
When we adjust our attitude and follow God’s lead things work out in the timing He has planned, not always ours, but His!
When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him… A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps. Proverbs 16: 6-9

We just need to remember where to keep our focus, on the Lord. He puts things in perspective, and no matter how huge the situation you are in feels the moment you are in it, God will bring you through it! Our blessing comes when we focus on God, because its like we an say the ‘jokes on you!’ to our situation we are in, and focus on where  you are going not where you are in the moment.
Hope comes when you remember this, peace comes when you walk in it… and joy comes in the realization that you are almost there!
Like the old song says “heaven is just a stone’s throw away” … look toward heaven, and the Lord God who directs our paths today! He will bring you through, but its in your hands to rejoice!
Heavenly Father give us strength to endure, patience in the problem, and encouragement as we live out the extreme today. Thank You for being here with us and directing us where to go. Open our eyes to see and our ears to hear what Your spirit tells us today. In Jesus. name, amen.