Extra extra!

This year of writing 'Dailies~ in His Word' has been so inspiring! I have really enjoyed digging in each day to meet the challenge as best as I can. I realize some days I missed because I was either out of town at my youngest son's graduation or helping him move; but I tried to make each day exciting and new!
Another exciting thing I finally have completed this year is releasing another Bible Study book.
The Titus Woman can be found on my Author page on Lulu.com publishing site, as well as the other books I have published over the years. If you order by the 19 you can receive it with regular mail, check out the dates for the other shipping on the site itself.
Lulu.com. Teresa Wilson author spotlight will get you to the list! Enjoy! I am praising God for the chance to write more Bible studies in the coming year, watch for "To Worship Him I live" and
"a Walk in the Word" a beginning to end walk through the Bible, scripture by scripture book by book... coming soon in 2020 the first of many! 
Be blessed not stressed as you end this year and being planning for the next!
Teresa M. Wilson