What are you doing... In His Word 8-27-18

What are you doing? In His Word 8-17-18

Are you reading for enjoyment, or working on a study?

Sometimes it’s just a pleasure read, you know the are of scripture and that it will be encouraging to your heart and mind; that is just what you are looking for! You crave the good words and the push to do more at the same time as the flavor of ‘good job’ you feel knowing you are able to do all things through Christ!

Maybe you are digging in with both feet and planting yourself in the depth of a study that will bring you through a trial that is so hard that you search the scriptures to find other people who have gone through the similar type of challenge you found yourself walking into. You study out the meanings of every verse and try hard to understand the words you read. As you gain knowledge you gain strength for the battle!

 Do you start your day to graze or to gobble the Word of God?
As I look through the Word of God I find delights and sweetness some days and other days I feel as if its all meat; solid to chew on and slow to swallow!

Then Jesus said to them, “You cleverly ignore the commands of God so you can follow your own teachings.  Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ and ‘Anyone who says cruel things to his father or mother must be put to death.’ But you say a person can tell his father or mother, ‘I have something I could use to help you, but it is Corban—a gift to God.’ You no longer let that person use that money for his father or his mother.  By your own rules, which you teach people, you are rejecting what God said. And you do many things like that.”  After Jesus called the crowd to him again, he said, “Every person should listen to me and understand what I am saying. There is nothing people put into their bodies that makes them unclean. People are made unclean by the things that come out of them.  Let those with ears use them and listen. ”When Jesus left the people and went into the house, his followers asked him about this story. Jesus said, “Do you still not understand? Surely you know that nothing that enters someone from the outside can make that person unclean.  It does not go into the mind, but into the stomach. Then it goes out of the body.” (When Jesus said this, he meant that no longer was any food unclean for people to eat). Mark 7:9-19

Sometimes it is hard to understand, its hard to swallow the fact we have been living a life not pleasing to God. The Pharisee people thought they were doing the right things; in fact they were so prideful about it that it was the opposite! They thought their way was the best and yet God had another plan. Sometimes we think out ward appearance is everything but when reality hits it is all about the inside.
When I met my husband years ago I was attracted first to his voice, and his song, and at the same time I thought he was gorgeous, it was a package deal! My point being I saw and heard at the same time what my heart wanted to see and hear. When we read the Bible it can be the same way, or it can be something entirely different; we can find it hard to adjust our own idea of what God wants from us.

The Pharisees came to Jesus and began to ask him questions. Hoping to trap him, they asked Jesus for a miracle from God. Jesus sighed deeply and said, “Why do you people ask for a miracle as a sign? I tell you the truth, no sign will be given to you.” Then Jesus left the Pharisees and went in the boat to the other side of the lake. Mark 8:11-13
God knows our heart, even better than we do He knows what we really desire to receive, do and be. He has a way of bringing us around to what He wants us to desire, when we put our trust and our hope in Him. The problem is we want what we want; we seek for what we think we need; which often is fast food and stuffing our faces. God desires to feed our heart with healthy stuff; the Word that not only fills our need but strengthens us for the battles ahead. Think about the fly by daily reading, you get today’s verse and run on to the next occasion you have to do. It’s like grabbing a burger from a fast food place; it fills your desire to eat but the nutrients are not always there. It is inevitable that you will need to eat again before long and the wisest choice would be to take a good full meal at home.
So if you start your day off with fast food in the Word, be sure and grab a good meal to continue your day with. Study a word, read a full chapter and write your observations, do something that takes more than fifteen minutes in the Word. That is where you will find the strength to endure hardship and sorrow, and find strength to get through tomorrow!

Don’t get me wrong, I have a short read daily devotion published and waiting to be purchased for a quick read in the morning and thoughts to think on for your day. I even added in a short prayer to get you started!  Even though I wrote it I know that it is for a quick start for the day and not meant to be the sole read for your days.
My other books give you a little more to feed on in His Word. I know we need more than just a verse a day but it’s a good place to start! Sometimes we need the baby steps.
Sooner or later we need to walk the walk and talk the talk that Christ has put before us but we will never know what that is unless we feed on the Word daily that we may grow closer and stronger in knowledge and in Spirit.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank You for giving us Your Word to study and to learn from and to grow strong with. Thank you for drawing us into Your story, Your Word and Your direction for us to become the person You need, want and desire for us to be. Help us to continue ‘doing the Word’ with You. In Jesus name, amen

Suggested reading 1 Corinthians 15:1-58, Mark 7:1-37, Mark 8:1-38 and Joshua 1:1-18