Live the Life in His Word 6-5-17-

Live the Life- In His Word 6-5-17
This weekend we had a young man preaching at church as part of our men’s conference weekend. Having never heard him speak I was impressed with the knowledge and skill he used with his sermon. I could see that this man was truly living what he preached when he spoke of living the life he was called to.

We as Christians hear many songs or preachers tell us to walk the walk, today though I was us to look at living the life we are called to live.
How should we live?

Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children. Live a life filled with love, following the example of Christ. He loved us and offered himself as a sacrifice for us, a pleasing aroma to God. Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God’s people. Ephesians 5:1-3

Most self proclaimed Christians attend church, at least two times a week; they study on those days but not much more.
Let’s face it; it is easy to become a bunch of wimpy Christians. Today I want to challenge you to live the life you were called to live, not just the one that fell out before you.

“What is the life I was called to live?” you may ask.

Let’s look in His Word and find out!

 But as God has distributed to each one, as the Lord has called each one, so let him walk. And so I ordain in all the churches. Was anyone called while circumcised? Let him not become uncircumcised. Was anyone called while uncircumcised? Let him not be circumcised. Circumcision is nothing and uncircumcision is nothing, but keeping the commandments of God is what matters. Let each one remain in the same calling in which he was called. 
1 Corinthians 7:17-20

God has called each of us to go and tell the world the Gospel story, but what else? What if there is more to do? We can find out these things while reading for ourselves in the Bible. One such person we can read about is Paul, maybe you can identify with him? He was confused about how to please God in the first years of his life and went to extremes to stop Christians from existing because he thought they were contrary to the Truth. Once he learned that he was not living the life God really wanted him to he sought the scriptures and listened to the teaching of the prophets and apostles alike. Then Paul walked it out.
Paul was a wise man, he walked the walk, and talked the talk and truly lived out the life that God had called him to live. I think he gives us a great example of how to live the life we are called to.

When I first came to you, dear brothers and sisters, I didn’t use lofty words and impressive wisdom to tell you God’s secret plan.  For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ, the one who was crucified. I came to you in weakness—timid and trembling. And my message and my preaching were very plain. Rather than using clever and persuasive speeches, I relied only on the power of the Holy Spirit. I did this so you would trust not in human wisdom but in the power of God.
Yet when I am among mature believers, I do speak with words of wisdom, but not the kind of wisdom that belongs to this world or to the rulers of this world, who are soon forgotten. No, the wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God—his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began. But the rulers of this world have not understood it; if they had, they would not have crucified our glorious Lord. That is what the Scriptures mean when they say,
“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.”  But it was to us that God revealed these things by his Spirit. For his Spirit searches out everything and shows us God’s deep secrets.
1 Corinthians2:1-10
Of course you know I am going to tell you to pray. Pray and ask God what your individual purpose is and then walk in it. Sure that sounds easy right? Not always; sometimes God gives us something that will take us away from what we know to teach us what we need to know.

For example, I thought I would always live within a couple blocks of my family, mom , dad, sis , bro. I had visions of needing them to survive each day, of family gatherings weekly. I found that God wanted me to live two states away instead.

Had I not lived here and attended Full Gospel Church in Concord California I would not have met a few wise women of God who greatly effected my life, whether they knew it or not. Sister Gee, who taught me I could write Bible Studies, and share the Gospel through written word. I also would not have met Pastor Tammy Dunahoo and been given the encouragement to step out and be who I am I Christ; instead of trying to fit the mold everyone gave me to fit in. Melissa Kenney, who taught me that I was walking right where God wanted me; for such a time as this; and that I could trust God to bring about the right paths for my children. Together we watched our boys and girls grow into Godly young men and women! Even now as I write this I am seeing that Pastor Teena Skiles is influencing me to dream bigger! Not as the world would dream but as God would have me dream; the kind of dream His Word tells us about! The life changing, soul winning dreams of an evangelical Christian! Whether it is in spoken or written words I can influence people for Christ in what I do each day. Suzie Ahern who encourages me all the time to seek God and look to what He would have me do.
You can too! As Paul taught us up there in the Word of God, No eye has seen or heard what God has in store for us so lets dream big, lets look to God to direct our paths and lets get out there and live the life we are called to do!
As for me; I am called to speak and to teach and to pray for all people from all walks of life and ages… I think I am walking in it at the moment! I pray the Lord keeps me moving and walking out my calling today, and every day as I dig in and keep studying His Word.

Dear heavenly Father, keep us from stumbling on the walk you have given us, help us to listen to Your voice and follow the direction you bring us each day, each week, all the time! Let us all walk in your will as we walk the walk you call us to; in Jesus’ name, amen.

Read some more: 1 Corinthians 7:1-40, Ephesians 5:1-33, and 1 Corinthians 2:1-16

Sometimes God gives us
something that will take
 us away from what
we think we know 
to teach us what we need to know.