Confident-In His Word 1-13-14

Confident -In His Word 1/13/14

I am excited for a new slate of a year to look forward to! Some say that is just another day but to me it is like opening a fresh note book or journal; pages unwritten await our lives to fill!
Some worry because they think things will be bad financially or physically this year and so they begin worrying in January and build upon that as they go. Somewhere in there they get their taxes done and they think that once they get their taxes back all will be well.  That does not often happen, most people who are living for their tax return to solve all their problems will be grossly disappointed once its gone. I am not about to write about the love of money being the root of all evil, but we do need to remember who is in charge of our finances, our health and our well-being as long as we walk in His Word.

When I am afraid, or anxious I ask someone to lift me up in prayer as soon as I realize I am stressing over something.  Whether it be a physical, emotional, or mental problem I can often get lost in the worrying before I realize I am doing so.

Thank God that He gave us His Word to read and get rejuvenated by! Thank God He gave us other believers in prayer to lift us up.
What if the problems are real? What if you are about to loose your life or even your home? Call on your fellow believers to lift you up.
We can’t always find someone to pray with; sometimes we have to live the problem through before we release it to Him because we are stuck in a situation that keeps us there.
In the mean time, while we worry He can give us the comfort and encouragement that we need, in His Word. 

I praise God for What He has promised I trust in God so why should I be afraid?
Psalm 56:4

We can read our Bibles and see in the Psalms how David made it through his times of physical need, emotional upheaval and even when he was being pursued bye King Saul and his army.
He knew where his help came from; David’s help was in the Lord God. Because of his faith and trust in God and his belief that God was with him wherever he goes; because David knew God was for him and that no one was going to stand up to Him; he slew the giant Goliath. He conquered many armies and guided the hands of many soldiers in battle raised a super awesome son, Solomon and even more! David planted in his son the same trust and belief in God!

My heart is confident in you O God, my heart is confident. No wonder I can sing you praises! Psalm 57:7
He would worry now and then, but as we read in His Word, David found strength and hope, in following God’s call to worship.

In You, O Lord, I put my trust; Let me never be put to shame. Deliver me in Your righteousness, and cause me to escape…Psalm 71:1-2a.

Just as David sought the Lord in times of worry, he sought him in times of refreshing.
He called out to God asking Him to “show (me) him his way and to teach him His paths, to lead him in His truth and teach him…” in Psalm 24:4-5

God had a plan for David; he would be king in line of the greatest King Jesus. He began the work in David that He is still at work today in our lives. He has not stopped working on us just because we began to slide away, no, our God has only just begun to work in and through us. We asked Him to be Lord, He accepted. We need to be confident that whatever we ask in His name it shall be done.
Whether it is for increase in our health, wealth or happiness, or strength to walk in the depths of sorry; we can be confident as David, as Paul as Peter, as Esther, as Jesus.
He will work on you, and I until He completes the work. God is not a slacker; He does not leave a job undone. Even when we are too small beans to do a thing God calls us to do what He gives us to do. He won’t leave us hopeless but He will bring us what we need to get through the trouble to the joy.

I am confident of this very thing that He has begun a good work in us and He will complete the task.  Philippians 1:5-6.

This week, this month, even this year can be a year of confidence for you. Be confident in Him by reading His Word and gaining strength for the day. Take each day one at a time and read enough to call it a day. My pastor likes to read through the Bible each year, which may be a challenge for you; step up to the challenge and read your Bible all the way through this year. You can do it, one day at a time.
I know some people who read the full Bible in three months, one person who has read it in one month.
It is not impossible for you to read a psalm or a proverb a day. In order to find the confidence to complete the task you must read and keep in contact with the One who will give you the necessary things to complete what He has begun. 

Dear Heavenly Father Thank You that You are faithful to complete what You have begun in us today. Help us to follow the paths You have laid out for us and correct our steps if we are wrong. Let us be blessings as we are blessed by You in Jesus name, amen.

Suggested Reading; Psalm 24:1-22, Psalm 27:1-14 Philippians 1:1-30 and Philippians 3:1-21.