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Click in each week and see what I find to be the best deals in the major chains and a few items found in out of the way places.
How do you get the best deals?
Where, when and how to shop for quality as well as the item you love!

I'd like to offer a few helpful shopper hints each week before my deal dash ideas so read through to be prepared before you go out to shop!

Security risks are high this time of year so today's tips are;
First of all do not leave your purse in the cart! I see too many people do this and it is an open invite for thieves.
Secondly, Be sure to put packages, bags and boxes in the back of the car under a blanket too! These two things will help to protect your purchases and your bank account.

Third, pay attention to the clerk when you buy something with a card and check your receipts before you walk out of the store to see that you received the price you thought you were paying. If they messed up walk right back to the counter, wait for whomever they are working with at the moment and invite yourself up to get the price changed. The stores will usually be kind and take care of you instantly. When you show them their mistake be sure and treat the clerk with respect, give them the benefit of the doubt and ask them if they gave you the discount, explain clearly what you are missing.

That was a loaded tip there but if you follow those three you should have a happy trip home!

This year there are no so many items that I call ' have to have' items so much as 'I want this!' In today's world we have so many things that there really is little that is a must have when shopping.
I try to stay in a budget that some may find small, others may find large but it works for me!
I choose three things for my kids each year. One item is a need, this is usually but not only clothes. One is a want, and one is a just for fun. My kids would be the first to tell you I take a list, but I don't always stick to it. If I see something that is a great deal that I know they really wanted, I grab it instead of what they put on the list. My kids have been brought up to be frugal. They will choose to write down the wants that are lower priced because of years of training by their father and I. Sometimes we have to think 'out of the box' or 'off the list' to get the best deals and give what we know will make everyone happy. We have to remember too that some people really do not want a gift. Sometimes you have to sacrifice the joy you get when you give to someone by not giving them anything. So far I have found that a monetary gift is fun to give but one that takes hard work and determination means much more.
So for the hard to shop for people why not visit them and find out what they need; not an item but a need such as food fixed, company shared, a yard mowed, trash taken out, walls painted? These are the best gifts! I know a single mom would love it if someone changed the oil in her car, or washed the windows she could not get to between work and kids. A few dads out there wish they had enough time to trim the hedges, mulch the yard or paint the trim, single parents, or dual parents they all get busy this time of year and could use a lot of hands on help.

One way we have done this in the past is to make coupons; the problem with this is often they sit in a drawer for a year unused. So instead write yourself the list and tell the person that you are gifting them, or just do it and surprise them; though the latter may end up in a problem arising if they did not want to trim, mulch, cook or clean. So think before you gift!

It goes for those shopping for the gifts too. Don't just go off all willy-nilly buying the deals now just because you are caught up in the event of shopping; take time to think about who you are buying for and how much you are willing to spend. Do not go over your desired amounts or you will regret it later.

Enough said! On with the sales!
If you are looking for electronics my faves are Best Buy, Frys and Tiger Direct. These three are available online and often have free shipping deals this time of year.
There are lap tops from 249 at Best buy and Tiger Direct. Frys is has a fair deal on the 3.0 super fast Supersonic Pulse!A USB flash/jump/memory stick that does a lot for the low cost of $7.99 you get yourself a hefty 16gb of files saving! This price is great considering the choice is Patriot Memory Supersonic Pulse.

USB 3.0 16GB Flash DriveHere is a portion of their advertisement found at
The Patriot Memory Supersonic Pulse is the ideal and most cost effective choice for those looking to take advantage of USB 3.0 speeds while on the go. The Supersonic Pulse comes in a rugged all aluminum housing that will protect your data from everyday wears.
At just 58.1mm long and less than 18mm wide, the Patriot Memory Pulse will not only deliver improved speed, but also a small form factor for excellent portability. To ensure you will always have access to your data on the go, the Patriot Memory pulse is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 inputs.
The Patriot Memory Supersonic Pulse is compatible with Windows® 7, Windows® Vista®, Windows® XP, Windows® 2000, Windows® ME, Linux 2.4 and later, Mac® OS9, X and later. Back by Patriot Memory's award winning customer service, the Supersonic Pulse comes with a 2-year warranty

If you want less memory you can go with a 4 GB they are at least a dozen USB drives out there that are cheap and wont last long but they are cute! So it depends if you want quality and quantity or cuteness. Staples has some fun ones in various amounts of memory they usually sell for anywhere from $12.99 and up. e
One in today's Staples ad was $9.99 ,for a 32GB Sandisc Cruizer Blade.  

As for “Black Friday sales” All three of my favorite stores are opening on Thanksgiving this year. I may do an extra blog tomorrow with a few updated items if you are willing to venture out on Thursday. Personally I will take my usual run to one store I have gone to for years, I just do not think it will be as much fun with all the stores open. I do think those who are working need a break, but my staying out of the store on Thanksgiving won't change the store I have been to-- Kmart has been open for at least ten years every Thanksgiving Day. They came in handy for those items we forgot to get, or snacks that ran out early.

Cyber shopping will be the place to go this week as well! Many stores have started sales early.
It seems the best toys are still the same, legos, barbie still has her 3 dollar price at Toys R Us for the little girls and also a huge container of die cast Cars is also in their ad that came out today. Check it out at: