Are You Asleep in His Word? 9-9-13

Are you Asleep in His Word? 
Have you grown complacent with your life in Christ? In other words are you going through the motions of being a Christian or are you on fire for Jesus?
Do you sleep through your Bible reading? I don't mean literally sleeping but are you just reading over the words to say you did it or are you relishing it, chewing on it a bit and finding new purpose or direction in what you read each day? Be faithful to follow what Christ has lead you to do, read the Word.

I am also sending Onesimus a faithful and beloved brother, one of your own people. He and Tychicus will tell you everything that’s happening here. Colossians 4:8-10

Some of the little known people in the Word of God make the biggest impact on someone's life. Onesimus, who helped in the ministry eventually came to Christ while he was n prison with Paul.

Eutychus is another one of the guys in the Bible that are little known. Acts 20:9 He worked all day then went to listen to Paul preach. The rooms the people were in were crowded because they had to meet on the side. Eutychus sat in a window seat and tried to stay alert and get what was being said. Some studies claim he got lazy, others claim the air was so thick from people that it was easy to fall asleep. Whatever the reason Eutychus fell asleep and literally fell out of the window to his death. The miracle that happens right after this shows me that he was truly a believer and probably was trying to stay awake. Paul came down from the room where they were studying and brought Eutychus back to life! What an amazing miracle! We can be sure the young man did not sit in windows after that, and that he followed Christ all the days of his life!
How can we stay on fire as appose to falling asleep in the Word?
1- Stay alert by staying prayed up! Pray without ceasing. (scripture) Keep on top of what you are reading by praying before you read and asking God to bring it to life to you.

2-Step it up a notch! Read through scriptures that build a fire in your heart to share the good news you read! If you are thinking on the words you read through the day you will not forget to walk in the Word of God! You will thrive on it, share it, and sow it. Tell someone what you were reading this morning, even if its an unbeliever because some times our excitement is just what is needed to perk the curiosity of someone who does not know Jesus. Which brings me to the next thing...

3- Lead someone to Christ by using the scriptures you read today! That may mean you need to read through the New Testament; Acts, Romans, Timothy; they all have sparks that will build that fire within your heart and mind and inevitably jump out of your mouth like a wild fire!

They will give you the desire to do the following three things;
a)Get into a study group that dissects the Word and teaches what is being said to today's people.
b)Walk the walk you have begun as a true believer not just someone who claims it but someone who lives the Word!
c)Share Jesus with someone. There is truly no other thrill that can cause you to feel like you really are on fire than to share what God has done in your life through Christ Jesus. Once you open your mouth and share of His love, His direction and His hope in your life things are going to start burning!Before you know it you will be on fire for Christ and sharing with whomever you speak with just what God has done!
Just follow this advice;
If you do not feel like reading today, do it anyway!
If you do not feel like studying to show yourself approved; do it anyway!
If you do not think you can tell someone about Jesus, maybe because you think you do not know enough to do this; go back to the first one an read, then study, then share! Its as easy as “Guess what I read today? “ or “Hey today when I was reading God's Word....” Or even “Wow, God has been doing so much in my life!”
Just do it!
There are three questions  below that are the most important.
What are you waiting for? - Are you waiting to have to study? Are you looking to someone to come and push you or force you to study the Word?
Who are you looking for? Are you looking for a friend to go to the study with? I can tell you you will make friends in the study! Not just the people in the room but the people in the Word will come to life before you as you dig in deeper and really study the Word today.

So,when are you going to step up and step out for Jesus?
Why not today? Let's make it a plan to pick up a bulletin at church, or go online and find a time or a date to study the Word. Maybe you want to pick up a book at a local book store or a devotional book that will help you spark the flame of study and walking the life in Christ more lively?
Or maybe you do want to call a friend and ask them to come over and just read through the Bible with you on a regular basis.
My friend Suzie and I did this years ago, and it grew into a Bible Study group! We have friends today who were an extension of that study group! We gathered together sometimes shared some cookies or a delicious beverage as we devoured the Word of God and talked about how to use it in our lives or how God was using it in our lives! It really does not take much to gather a group, or one or two friends. Cause God's Word says; where two or more are gathered together … there I am in the midst of them!

Call a friend today, or make plans to follow through on going to the study at your church, or listen on the radio, internet or DVD but step out, step up, and start the flame so you can share it with the lost.
Dear Heavenly Father, help us to spark the flame in our hearts and cause the fire of Your Holy Spirit to flow out from us to those around us and draw them in to Your kingdom, in Jesus' name, amen.

Suggested Reading: Philemon 1:1-25, Colossians 4:1-18, Acts 20:1-37 and Psalm 57:1-11