Teaching Typing to your younger children?

We previewed two typing programs and this is our review.

Talking Typing Teacher
It had cute hands with colored dots for showing you what letter to type with what finger, 

...we found it slow moving and too easy for even a 9 year old. 

This is a typing curriculum that I chose to help my student to type properly. It was not a good choice as we found it to be extremely boring. It talks to you, but that was not enough. The Graphics were, to put it mild, lame! You can probably tell by looking at the screen that it really has no excitement or appeal to encourage a child, teen or adult to try it than the cover of the disc box. 

I friend's little girl was over and mentioned a typing program she has used by Mavis Beacon. Being the computer savvy Teacher Mom I 'Goggled it' and found the following site!

Free Download Now!
Music to my ears!

This program loaded easily; although I had to decline or dismiss several ads before it installed itself in my computer it placed its adorable penguin on my desktop screen and all I had to do was click! 

Tux Typing is the beginning typing program made for kids, but as an adult I found it fun to type as fast as I can and find out how many errors and what my wpm is while having the fun of blasting asteroids and saving the cities from destruction!
Tux has as I mentioned a menu with lessons, games, quiz type things to teach you how to hold your hands, what to type with what, as well as caps and lower case words. You can type words or phrases and there is even an option to type your own words! We thought it would be fun to enter weekly spelling words and learn to type with them as you practice spelling them. I would definitely recommend this program over the "Talking Typing Teacher" by Cosmi.  Not only for the graphics which were much better or "awesome" as my little friend said; but it loaded so quickly and the TTT took two days to get loaded and installed. 
Also, you can load this to what ever computer you have, even if you have Win.7 or Mac! Fantastic ! 

Oh! I did not tell you the coolest thing yet; there are many more levels of free downloads on the site! You can actually download one for Mom or Dad, teens, high school and college students to improve their speed and accuracy. I will be diving into this program on a regular basis! 
If I find anything else that is fun I will post it here on my Home School section of TeresaWilson.com.