"the Three Camp Tour"

Did you ever want to go to a ranch with boulders for tumbleweeds? Or save time up for better things? Maybe you wanted to find the Final Frontier? All that and more is what we did this Summer!
I would like to thank our Burney, California hosts Cheri and George Chapman for allowing us to invade their humble home and for the great feasts we had every day! I especially thank them for the caramel coffee that they sent with us to the last camp as someone forgot a coffee pot! 
They manages to feed nine mouths to beyond contentment daily while we helped with the VBS "Watch Your Step" Boulder Springs Ranch.
The VBS was so much fun! The kids came in and enjoyed worship so much they wanted to join in the fun and became a "JR Worship Team on Friday! 

For a small church, Solid Rock , is big on hospitality! 

Craft time 

     Each group put on a small skit as part of thier day, these children called themselves the Rattle Snakes and were lead by De Angelo, Beverly and Heather.  They are seen here preparing for one of their skits. 

As a delightful break from the day 's work we took a hike to Burney Falls itself!
Sometimes you need a little help with hand movements! 

From VBS we went on to Redeem the Time- and Take back what the enemy stole from us! 
When we do things we know we shouldn't we end up with changed lives. We can't go back and change what we did wrong, but what we can do is get forgiveness and direction from the Lord as to how we can go on to do the right thing next time! Even if your mistake was painting your hair pink!
At the J12 camp we sang songs around the camp fire, made omelets in a baggie and cooked them in a pot over the open fire, and had chocolate-less s'mores! We swam with the fishes and found shells in the rapids! It was a great group of kids and the discussions were good! We taked about giving up the wrong things we choose to do and taking more time to talk to God about things each day, starting up a daily Bible reading plan and following the ones available to us; so that we can grow closer to Him. 

Most of all God was there! 

Did you ever do something you wished you hadn't done?  "Mama T" died her hair pink to prove a point; we all make silly and even stupid choices but God can help us to forgive ourselves and move on to redeem the time we have and make wise choices. So be careful how you live. Don't live like fools but like those who are wise. Make the most of every opportunity in these evil days. Don't act thoughtlessly but understand what the Lord wants you to do. Ephesians 5: 14-16
So be So be c
"Walk in Wisdom...Redeem the time for the days are evil! "Colosians 4:5

From here we went on to NHIC Kids Camp 2011 in IGO California! 
The theme there was the Final Frontier~ The lessons were about knowing God and knowing where you will spend Eternity. The songs were lively and exciting and the games were a blast! Where else would you find kids trying to crack eggs on their heads, spinning a prize wheel to answer a Math Question and hoping they get picked to be sprayed with a water hose? 
They chased and caught a few frogs; we believe in the catch and release program so they let them go quickly so that they may hop to safety! 
Each day we traveled to play in the Whiskytown Lake where we also saw wild animals such as Canadian geese and deer who came to ask for food! 

What camp is complete with out Goofy?  Our Pastors are definitely characters! They had a lot of fun with the kids and got serious too! 
While we were in the midst of the camps and Vacation Bible School kids began asking what we would do next year~ That is the sign of good camps, when they already want to come back!