A Walk In the Word Bible Study -Genesis Chapter 1

A Walk in the Word 

Chapter 1

Genesis –The book of beginnings.

Tradition suggests that Moses is the Author of Genesis, and it was written in about 1440 B. In the beginning God gives us a major lesson on how to start any project and how to work progressively through life step by step. Notice that He did not just suddenly ‘poof’ everything into being, it was one type after that type, one kind after its kind that was created. Our Lord God thought things through before He began taking that first step.

Begin reading in Genesis, Chapter 1:1-31 then we will discuss what God did and how in more detail.

1. Why do you think God took the time to look over the work He had done after each day?

2. How can this be a model for us?

3. Consider the order of creation. Was this perhaps a logical choice? Consider our human needs, air, water, and food, in this answer.

4. Notice how God spoke things into being, how can we use this in our lives today? Think about what type of an example was He giving us? (He could have snapped His fingers, but yet He breathed life, and spoke things into existence.)

5. As He went through step by step creating our world, Father God made provisions for each thing to reproduce itself in some way, and for them also to help one another in existence. What did He create to help man, other than woman?

6. Looking at the following words, what do they mean and why do you think God chose them? (These three words are found in Gen.1: 14,26 and 28)

• Subdue

• Dominion

• Firmament

7. Whom did God put in charge over everything on earth? What was he to do with it?