California Pizza Box Project

This is one of our California History projects. We were told to make a topographical map. Also known as a Salt Flour Dough map.
While researching on the net we found this wonderful way of doing a report.project in one. Inside a pizza box!
Considering many people are making Lap Books for thier reports now days we chose to make our Map Box more of a lap book box!
Using differnt things we learned about and state flower and bird, plus locations of different places and topographical map work John put it together.
We would like to thank Papa Johns, Lil"Ceasers, Round Table, and Saborros Pizza for the free boxes they supplied us with!

in the drying process... Painting was so much fun because we used tube water colors. We planned to use tempra ... tempra bottles crack after 12 -13 years of sitting on a shelf! GO figure?

Front Cover

The state flower is the California Poppy! The flag has a bear, but that was not the plan, they wanted a turkey but the handwritting on the order slip was so poor that the person making the first flag made a bear! We like bears so that makes us happy.

The state bird of California is a Quail.