Dailies- 2019

Dailies- In His Word 
Day 1
And so it begins; a new start, and a new beginning. Just as God began with a void and created a beautiful world for us to live in; so He has given us a place to start with a new focus in the form of what we choose to call a new year.
Today is the start of a new resolve to rise up and stand for what we believe in, for Whom we believe.
Who will rise up against the evil doers? Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity? Unless the Lord had been my help my soul would have soon settled in silence. If I say “My foot slips,” Your mercy, O Lord, will hold me up in the multitude of my anxieties within me, Your comforts delight my soul. Psalm 94:16-22

What is God directing you to do this year? I believe He wants us to draw nearer to Him, to bask in His presence a little bit more and to know that He is with us. Then He wants us to walk in the purpose which He puts before us.
Take time to pray; Ask God our Heavenly Father to direct us to where, what, when He wants us to walk this year. Where to go, What to do. When to act.
Take time to worship: In all that we do this year we want to give our God glory and honor and strength and praise, for He is our God and we are His children.
This year make it a focus to listen to and for His voice in the Word. Then walk in what He brings as you read.
Today I asked Him where to start and He reminded me to start in the beginning with a plan. He knew what He wanted to create, just as He knows what He wants us to do this year that will give us delight and purpose; to do His will.  
Today if you will hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.
 Psalm 95:8
Take time to read: In your coffee break time  read the Psalms 94-95. They are not long, and they are encouraging that if we do not ignore what God says He will indeed bless us.
Then read Psalm 37. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart!
Be blessed this year as you walk daily in His Word.
Teresa M. Wilson